38. Ethan Astaneh, Nicola Wealth

38. Ethan Astaneh, Nicola Wealth

Practice: Nicola Wealth
Firm: Nicola Wealth
Location: Vancouver, BC

Ethan Astaneh had one of the largest jumps in AUM of any of the Top 50 Advisors over the course of the last year, growing his book from $36 million to $144 million while also nearly doubling his clients. For Astaneh, it was a project he worked on in university that cemented his desire to become an advisor.

“In my undergraduate studies, I helped a professor design a product for an investment bank,” he says. “After completing my work, I realized what I had done – I helped a massive financial institution create a product that is designed for the house to win first and the client to win second, if at all. I pivoted from financial engineering to financial advisory immediately because I wanted to educate individuals.”

As an advisor, Astaneh takes a disciplined approach to wealth management, which he says helped him in dealing with the pandemic. “As much as the commute to work seems like time lost, it contributes to productivity by helping activate the brain and prepare for productivity,” he says. “In the same way an athlete stretches their body before the performance, we must stretch our minds, and I find the routines of non-COVID life are so deeply ingrained in us that they actually help our efficiency, not hurt it.”


Head Office Address: 5th Floor - 1508 West Broadway, Vancouver BC, V6J 1W8
Telephone No.: 604.739.6450
Website: www.nicolawealth.com