35. Stephen Ross, Scotia Wealth Management

35. Stephen Ross, Scotia Wealth Management

Practice: Ross & Hudson Advisory Group
Firm: Scotia Wealth Management
Location: Calgary, AB

After graduating from university during the 1982 Alberta recession, Stephen Ross responded to a job ad for a broker position at Richardson Greenshields. “The ad stated ‘no experience required.’ I figured I qualified based on that requirement, so I applied,” he says. “I had an interview and beat out 49 other people for the job.”

The rest, as they say, is history; Ross has been in the industry just shy of 40 years and continues to add to his AUM and client base. The past year proved to be a challenging one for Ross, who says the pandemic will impact any investment decisions going forward.

“The emotional effects from COVID are continuing and will still dominate any decision into 2021,” he says. “The job is to continue to be the gatekeeper for my clients, who confuse an emotional response with a logical course of action to keep them on track. One day, COVID will be over, but the same principles of prudent planning and investing will remain. Clients will need us more than ever to keep them on track.”