23. Wes Ashton, Harbourfront Wealth Management

23. Wes Ashton, Harbourfront Wealth Management

Practice: Oakwater Wealth Counsel
Firm: Harbourfront Wealth Management
Location: Vancouver, BC

Coming in at the number 23 spot on this year’s list is Vancouver advisor Wes Ashton, who says he was drawn to wealth management by the opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives. “The financial industry provided me the opportunity to combine my passion for people and building relationships along with my knowledge of numbers,” he says.

Now, after a nearly 30-year career, Ashton says he can’t see himself doing anything else. “The success rate of individuals getting into the advisory industry is low, so early in my career, it was about survival and building for the future,” he says. “Now it’s come full circle, and all the hard work has paid off. Being in a situation where individuals have trusted me to counsel their families is both rewarding and humbling. As clients go through various stages of life, the focus changes on what’s important to them. Supporting a family through a health or family tragedy – death of a loved one, etc. – and being a pillar of strength for them at a low point is often overlooked in what we do. These are the moments that stand out, and you realize that our responsibility is greater than just portfolio returns.”


Company name: Harbourfront Wealth Management
Head office address: 1800 - 1055 West Georgia St. Vancouver, BC V6E 3P3
Phone number: 604-558-6822
Website: https://harbourfrontwealthmanagement.com/