46. Jamie Townsend, Lawton Partners Wealth Management

46. Jamie Townsend, Lawton Partners Wealth Management

Practice: Townsend Partners Wealth Management
Firm: Lawton Partners Wealth Management
Location: Winnipeg, MB

Returning to the Top 50 Advisors list in 2020, Jamie Townsend is a secondgeneration advisor who understands that the role of an advisor goes far beyond managing someone’s wealth. “I enjoy the positive impact we can have on an individual and family,” he says. “Managing someone’s wealth is more than just investments, insurance, tax and estate planning. These are tools to help a family or individual live the life they want, and that’s the most important thing.”

Townsend, who specializes in helping small-business clients, says he’s had many clients sell their businesses in recent years, something he takes pride in helping them accomplish. “It’s an honour to help them through that process and to see what it means for them personally, as well as their family,” he says.

As he moves forward, Townsend plans to embrace the changes occurring in the industry. “I believe we are seeing the beginning of a transition away from individual advisors to a team environment, where each member of the team has a unique focus,” he says. “This will only continue to accelerate because of the value it brings to clients. We are well positioned to be part of that leading trend for the next 10 years.”