38. Sean Ryder, IG Private Wealth Management

38. Sean Ryder, IG Private Wealth Management

Practice: Loreto Ryder & Associates
Firm: Investors Group Private Wealth Management
Location: Toronto, ON

After starting his career in the pharmaceutical industry, Sean Ryder made the switch to wealth management 12 years ago. “I went to the Richard Ivey School of Business, and the tax courses were extremely useful,” he says. “I gave many people financial and tax advice while I was still working in the pharmaceutical industry. It was always my calling to help people do better with their money.”

In 2019, Ryder’s AUM grew by 8% to $236 million; his next goals are to grow his practice by adding 10 new high-networth clients and to expand his team by hiring another financial planner.

While his practice has found success, Ryder says getting there wasn’t easy. “You have to wear many different hats other than just being a financial advisor,” he says. “You need to be a supportive boss to your team, a leader, a marketer, a therapist to clients, and a good spouse/partner and parent to your family. You need a great team in place to be able to rely on when you need help. Without a great team, you can’t run a largely successful practice.”