29. Maurice Pallone, Rothenberg Capital Management

29. Maurice Pallone, Rothenberg Capital Management

Practice: Rothenberg Capital Management
Firm: Rothenberg Capital Management
Location: Montreal, QC

When Maurice Pallone landed on the Top 50 Advisors list last year, he told WP he was working toward obtaining his CIM designation, which he accomplished in 2019. Now his focus is on moving his 638 clients to a fee-based structure to give them more flexibility in investment options.

Pallone also saw his AUM grow to $270 million in 2019, up 13%. While those numbers are a source of pride, Pallone says his proudest moment came more than a decade ago. “I didn’t lose any clients throughout the 2008 financial crisis,” he says. “In fact, I received many referrals and grew my business. In hindsight, it was the greatest learning experience anyone in this industry could have received. Being there to help my clients weather the storm and having them stick with their strategy was my proudest moment, but also made me so proud of them.”

Pallone says he plans to stay in the industry for the foreseeable future because “I simply love all aspects of what I do, especially my client interactions.”