20. Brad Jardine, Aligned Capital Partners

20. Brad Jardine, Aligned Capital Partners

Practice: CIC Financial Group
Firm: Aligned Capital Partners
Location: Ancaster, ON

Brad Jardine, who has been in the industry for an impressive 34 years, posted AUM of just under $239 million in 2019, which helped him land the number 20 spot on this year’s list. While Jardine isn’t planning on retiring anytime soon, he has begun to establish a transition plan, which includes his son, Spencer.

“Although we have a succession plan in place, as we navigate through the plan, there will be a need to continue to mentor and coach so that the next generation has as much opportunity at success as possible,” he says, adding that “clients are at ease, knowing that there is a plan in place.”

For now, Jardine’s goals remain similar to those of years past. “As a referral-based business, our goals and objectives rarely deviate,” he says. “We focus on nurturing, growing, retention, competitive edge and giving back.”