30 Sonny Goldstein, Goldstein Financial Consultants

Sonny Goldstein of Goldstein Financial Consultants is rank 30 in Wealth Professional Canada's 2019 Top 50 Advisors

30 Sonny Goldstein, Goldstein Financial Consultants

Goldstein Financial Investments

Sonny Goldstein has the distinction of being the most experience advisor among this year’s Top 50. Goldstein, who has been working as an advisor for 52 years, says that as long as he stays in excellent health, he sees himself doing this job for another decade.  

Watching his AUM grow to just over $169 million was one highlight of 2018, but Goldstein says proudest accomplishment has been establishing a charity, Care For Kids (Toronto), which has raised more than $1 million to help the families of children with terminal illnesses. Philanthropy will continue to be a major area of focus for Goldstein in 2019, as he plans to increase his own personal charitable giving, as well as his clients’.