2 Nader Hamid, Total Wealth Management

Nader Hamid of Total Wealth Management is rank 2 in Wealth Professional Canada's 2019 Top 50 Advisors

2 Nader Hamid, Total Wealth Management

Total Wealth Management 
IA Securities 

Montreal advisor Nader Hamid can thank his impressive growth over the last year for landing him in the runner-up spot on this year’s Top 50 Advisors list. He added $115 million in AUM – the most, by dollar amount, of any advisor on the list – to now sit at $265 million. Hamid also managed to double his client base over the last year, bringing his total number of clients to 280. Yet Hamid has even more impressive numbers in mind for the future; his ultimate goal is “to integrate and build a team that can handle $1 billion [in AUM].”  

However, he also acknowledges that this goal will be his greatest challenge as an advisor, but with 17 years already under his belt and decades more in front of him, he has both the time and the drive to make it happen.