Outstanding Portfolio Managers 2018

Wealth Professional Canada spoke to a selection of the best portfolio managers in the industry to get their take on where investors should be putting their money in 2018

Outstanding Portfolio Managers 2018

Discretionary portfolio management is the pinnacle of financial advice. There are various ways to obtain a PM designation, but all involve years of training and a consistent demonstration of excellence in the investment space. Charting strategy for something as capricious as the markets is no easy task, but that’s exactly what a portfolio manager does every day.

Portfolio managers must cultivate a high level of trust to earn the responsibility of managing their clients’ financial future. That means providing consistent returns each year, regardless of how the general indices are performing. Just as important as achieving those returns is doing so without loading on risk.

In 2018, performing that difficult balancing act is a bit more challenging. Volatility has returned to the markets, but that’s when the best PMs can truly prove their worth. Accordingly, the individuals featured here have built investment strategies designed to weather any financial storm, demonstrating why their clients have entrusted them with discretionary responsibility.