Bruce Cooper, TD Asset Management

Bruce Cooper, TD Asset Management


Since taking over as CEO of TD Asset Management in 2016, Bruce Cooper has led the asset management arm of TD Bank to new heights. After reintroducing its ETF offerings just a couple of years ago, TDAM now ranks seventh for AUM among Canadian ETF providers, with $5.5 billion. In addition, TDAM was able to grow its AUM by an impressive 157% in 2020.

The asset manager also embarked on another groundbreaking project, which was announced late last year: TD GoalAssist, a mobile app that allows investors to open accounts, set goals, and create and manage their own portfolios. Clients have the option of using one of TDAM’s One-Click ETF portfolios or building their own portfolios using TD ETFs for free or other securities for a cost.

“This gives us access to a different group of clients,” Cooper told WP earlier this year. “ETFs are now the vehicle of choice, so being able to access that group of clients and bring to them what we think is a strong group of products is terrific for us.”