Camilla Sutton, Women in Capital Markets

Camilla Sutton, Women in Capital Markets

President and CEO         
Women in Capital Markets

As president and CEO of Women in Capital Markets (WCM), Camilla Sutton oversees the organization’s mission to accelerate gender diversity across the financial services industry.

“Driving the dialogue is really important,” she told WP in an interview earlier this year. “It was something I have always been passionate been about. I have worked on it on the side of my desk, but this was an opportunity to work on driving diversity in finance on a full-time basis. It has been a privilege and pleasure to work with the industry.”

Sutton was tapped to lead WCM in 2018 after spending more than two decades in investment management, including serving as managing director and global head of foreign exchange at Scotiabank. WCM has more than 2,000 professional members, as well as 1,000-plus university and student members, and has launched numerous initiatives to promote financial industry careers for women and drive greater gender equality across the financial spectrum.