Tea Nicola, Co-founder and CEO, Wealthbar

Tea Nicola of Wealthbar is part of this year's Wealth Professional Canada's Hot List.

Tea Nicola, Co-founder and CEO, Wealthbar

Co-founder and CEO

While the high-net-worth segment is increasingly becoming a primary focus for advisory firms, Tea Nicola has built her business on the premise of low-cost investing. The WealthBar robo-advice platform offers investors of all levels access to portfolio management and financial planning tools. The firm markets itself as Canada’s first full-service online robo-advisor, and it recently collaborated with insurance marketing firm PPI to launch PPI Valet, which will give PPI’s advisors access to professionally managed investment portfolios.

Discussing the new platform, Nicola outlined what it would ultimately mean for clients. “Every [PPI] advisor across the country can leverage the expertise of registered portfolio managers and the assurance of regulatory compliance, without needing to have that expertise in-house,” she said. “We’ll be covering all of that so the advisors can deliver better value for their client.”