Sandy Sanders of Manulife Financial is part of this year's Wealth Professional Canada's Host List.

Manulife Financial

The Manulife Strategic Balanced Yield Fund, managed by the Manulife US Core Value Equity team, celebrates its fifth anniversary this year. The fund combines global equity and fixed-income securities; Sandy Sanders leads the team alongside Michael Mattioli. In constructing the $2.2 billion fund, value is at the forefront of Sanders’ mind.

“When do we buy? When the market allows us to purchase an equity that is trading at or below 70% of its intrinsic value estimate,” he says. “By attempting to buy dollars for 70 cents or less, we think it provides a wide enough margin of safety.”

This approach doesn’t shift depending on market cycles. It is a long-term strategy that has served Sanders and his team well – the one-year return on the fund is 14.32%.

“Our strategy is to pay less for businesses than what they are worth,” Sanders says. “We do not attempt to guess where the market will trade equity in any short-term time period. Rather, our focus is on estimating the intrinsic value of a business. We are looking to own businesses for less than their worth. If not, we will look at other opportunities, no matter how solid a business is.”