Michelle Hastick-Cowell

Michelle Hastick-Cowell of HollisWealth is part of this year's Wealth Professional's Women of Influence.

Michelle Hastick-Cowell
Senior investment advisor

After setting a high bar for herself as a hugely successful university athlete, Michelle Hastick-Cowell is now doing the same as an advisor.

At York University, the track and field star set school records in the long and triple jumps that have yet to be beat. She brought the same competitive spirit to HollisWealth’s recent Epic Challenge, where six of the company’s advisors from around the country were invited to discuss an industry-related topic. Hastick-Cowell was the only female finalist, and was deemed the winner by her peers and a panel of judges.

“I won in a landslide in terms of defining what value is in a world with CRM2,” she says. “I see that as a win for advisors and women in wealth.”

The topic she discussed is certainly very timely as the industry approaches full CRM2 implementation in July.

“There’s a bit of concern, but looking at it holistically, we shouldn’t be concerned because I truly believe the value we provide is priceless,” Hastick-Cowell says. “When markets are going through their turmoil, when the rain comes, that’s truly when the advisor has to shine and really guide their client through that storm.”

Are you seeing any improvements in gender diversity in the industry?

I see some gender diversity. I see more women getting into the industry – not necessarily as advisors, but looking at it from an admin, tech or compliance level. There’s always room for improvement in getting women into the industry.

What advice would you give the next generation of female advisors?

My coach used to tell me, “If you like helping people be successful in reaching their goals, then come into this role because you’re preparing them for that opportunity.” When you look at success, all it is, at the end of the day, is preparation and opportunity