Janet Bride

Janet Bride of HollisWealth is part of this year's Wealth Professional's Women of Influence.

Janet Bride
Janet Bride
Associate Investment Advisor

Janet Bride took an unorthodox path into the industry. She spent five years taking courses and getting designations before she ever worked at a wealth management firm.

“It was a challenge just to get through the courses without having industry experience,” she says. “But I knew that’s what I wanted to do. I think a lot of people get in the industry and then do the courses, but I did it the other way around, which worked really well for me.”

Looking for a job away from the city, she partnered with Dave Sweeney in Squamish, BC. She’s been with him 10 years and recently became his business partner.

While the investment knowledge she’s gained along the way is important, Bride says the relationships with her clients are paramount.

“I love the knowledge of financial planning,” she says, “but it comes down to dealing with people, getting their trust and helping families follow their dreams.”

Are you seeing any improvements in gender diversity in the industry?

It’s still skewed – there are still more men in the industry, for sure. But I think there are more women willing to come in and get involved, and I think a lot more women are going to enter the industry in the near future. The average age of planners is around 58. Some people will be retiring in the next few years, and I think there are a lot of opportunities for women to partner with, learn from and mentor their peers.

What advice would you give the next generation of female advisors?

Get a foundation through education – that worked well for me. But more importantly, love what you do, and do it with a purpose.