Beverly Evans

Beverly Evans of Evans Wealth Management/Richardson GMP is part of this year's Wealth Professional's Women of Influence.

Beverly Evans
Beverly Evans
Portfolio manager and director of wealth management
Evans Wealth Management Team
Richardson GMP

It’s during volatile market conditions that Bev Evans really comes through as an advisor. The winner of the WP Award for First Class Customer Service has built a thriving practice by making sure her clients know she is there for them when things are at their worst.

“In a word, it’s communication – whether it’s writing and giving them perspective, or educating them about opportunities
that sometimes come along with periods of volatility like this,” she says. “It’s talking through any worries they have, making sure they know that we’re here, and most importantly, making sure they know that we have a plan and we stick by our game plan.”

As the leader of the all-female Evans Wealth Management Team, Evans points out that one of the most important aspects of building her practice was making sure she was surrounded by the right people.

“I’m blessed that right now I have a long-standing team,” she says. “We’ve made sure that we’ve had the type of assessments where we know we’re doing what we love. Each one of us is doing what we’re good at and what we love. Then it just doesn’t seem like work.”

Are you seeing any improvements in gender diversity in the industry?

I have been happy to see, over the last few years, that the relationship-driven part of the business has grown, as opposed to the old-style performance-driven relationships. And I think that’s an acknowledgement that what has often been seen as a more ‘female’ approach is being recognized as something that clients are looking for. A more holistic, relationship-driven approach is what people are connecting with. I think that’s from an acceptance of what women bring to our industry, and that is nice to see.

What advice would you give the next generation of female advisors?

The key is they need to be ready to work really hard. They need to be ready to embrace continuous change, but also be ready for a very rewarding opportunity to help people and to know that you’re making a difference, which is what we have the privilege of doing.