Andrew Torres

CI to acquire remaining stake in alternative investment firm

Company's expansion continues with full ownership of Toronto-based asset manager

Canadian banks boost local debt sales to record

Some fund managers expect banks to slow down sales ahead of the introduction of the bail-in regulations in September

How active managers can come into their own

Fixed-income fund advisor believes active managers can add meaningful value in challenging markets

No stopping Canadian dollar issuance after record quarter

Issuers are keen on moving early to lock in lower financing costs as the Bank of Canada debates further policy moves

Canada’s Big Six downgraded

Moody’s Investors Service has downgraded the nation’s banks, signalling that lenders are increasingly vulnerable

Advisors weigh credit markets

An expert on credit risk believes financial advisors are wise to consider ratcheting down the risk taken for clients because it’s likely unnecessary

42% cut in returns sends advisors scrambling

An industry icon is the latest to lower expectations for equity returns – inspiring some advisors to use an investment once dismissed as a chronic underperformer