Annual Market Review: 2018

A recap of last year’s market with insights for what is on the horizon in 2019

Annual Market Review: 2018

Nasdaq was the highest performing equity of 2018, despite falling 3.9 percent. The Dow was the second best performing, with a decline of 5.6 percent. Indices across the board showed negative returns in the past year, and further details of month-by-month performance are included in our video.

Our latest annual review video also features:

  • An overview of the bond market
  • A summary of the biggest trade headlines
  • An update on the Federal Reserve Board
  • A look at the most prominent economic trends of the past 12 months

We also look at the most recent happenings in the international markets and explore the biggest potential influences over 2019, including ongoing trade disputes, the growth rate, potential stabilization of the markets and the current political climate’s effect on Wall Street.

Watch the video recap here