When 'mum's the word' with clients

When 'mum's the word' with clients


Financial literacy has also been a hot topic in recent years, with incorporating financial literacy education into school systems a top priority (basics are now being taught in Grades 4 through 11 in Ontario), and the recent appointment of Canada’s first Financial Literacy Leader, Jane Rooney - who has a $3-million annual budget to combat inadequate retirement savings, badly managed debt, and the influx increasingly complex financial scams.

“It can’t hurt at all,” Rebelo says in reaction to Rooney’s appointment. “If anything it will evoke more curiosity about financial things and lead (Canadians) down different paths dependent on what their needs are.

“For the younger crowd, even learning how to balance a cheque book is beneficial.”

On a more positive note, Canadians may be hesitant to talk finances outside of the home, but they certainly freel free to do so behind closed doors. Another survey, conducted by CPA Canada last year, indicated that 96 per cent of respondents were comfortable talking about their financial matters with their partner or significant other, and 92 per cent trusted them with money decisions.

As for Rebelo, her focus remains on educating her clients as a key part of building their financial plans.

“The biggest thing for me right now is educating the public on anything to do with money,” she says. “When you educate people, they perceive you as an expert in your field. I always educate as much as I can, and leave them to ask more questions.”

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