New potential buyer for your book

New potential buyer for your book

New potential buyer for your book

“Why not try to build a bridge between the mutual fund business and the investment counsel business,” Meehan thought to himself, “with the idea of being a provider of capital to advisors to allow them to do one of three things [with their practices]?”
The three things, which relate specifically to succession planning, include the following:

1. To allow an advisor to retool their business to an investment counsel focus making them more competitive with clients going forward meeting the challenges of CRM2 head on in a proactive, rather than reactive manner.

2.  The opportunity for advisors to take capital off the table to realize the value they’ve created in their businesses or alternatively to provide them with access to capital so that they can buy other businesses.

3. To provide advisors with a complete succession plan.

Up and running since January Evolution is making big strides as advisors learn about the options available to them when it comes to succession planning and/or future growth.

“It’s being very well received,” says Meehan. “We have 50 advisors that we are in various forms of discussion which can be anywhere from the first level of interest right through to deal completion.”

“We just completed our first two deals. We’re getting quite a bit of traction out there and the word’s starting to travel.”

Advisors interested in exploring the possibilities might want to pick up the phone. You now have another option when it comes to succession planning. 

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