Wealth Professional Magazine Top 50 Advisors 2017

For the fifth consecutive year, WP will highlight the top talent in financial advice across Canada

Wealth Professional Magazine Top 50 Advisors 2017

Wealth Professional magazine will welcome the new year in familiar fashion, by highlighting the best advisory talent across Canada.

The Top 50 Advisors poll has been a constant presence in our publication ever since its launch in 2013. The inaugural poll first appeared in February of 2014, with Bill McElroy of the William Douglas Group named as the top financial advisor in Canada. Last year it was William Vastis of RBC Dominion Securities that took the honours, with assets under management that quite simply dwarfed many of his peers.

Many of the top performers that appeared on our very first poll have remained a constant presence in the Top 50 list throughout the years. That’s indication that experience is a valuable commodity in this business, although some new faces have started to appear.

Will the cream of the crop take on a decidedly different look in 2018, or will the established names continue to dominate?

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