Things may not be normal, but Canadians plan to act like they are

Despite economic challenges, most people are planning to spend this summer

Things may not be normal, but Canadians plan to act like they are
Steve Randall

After two years of living ‘life-lite’ due to the pandemic, it’s no surprise that Canadians are ready to have a great summer this year.

But, while we can pretend that things are normal, we know that they are not, with the rising cost of living exacerbated by war in Ukraine.

Undeterred though, Canadians plan to travel to see friends and family, even if that means paying high gas costs on international road trips.

A survey conducted by Ipsos towards the end of March 2022 reveals that 91% of respondents are planning to reinstate activities that they had to set aside over the past few years.

For more than three quarters that means travelling out of their town or city, 43% will travel out of their province, 24% will travel internationally, and 33% of those with a vehicle will take a journey lasting 7+ hours to reach their destination.

The survey, conducted for Toyota Canada, found that 53% said gas prices have influenced their road trip plans but 27% aren’t concerned about saving on topping up their tank.

Vacation nation

Canadians need a vacation and are prepared to spend on what may be their first proper break for some time.

Although more than half of respondents will be staying with friends or family, experiences are also high on the agenda including cultural events, concerts, festivals, museums, malls, and theatres.

Most Canadians plan to take one (38%) or two (29%) weeks of vacation this year, with 4 in 10 planning to take more vacation time this year than they did in 2021.