The greatest Canadian investor of all time is...?

Years ago a book entitled Money Masters was published that examined some of the best investors the United States has ever known. Nothing of its kind has ever made its way onto Canadian bookshelves.

Well, WP wants to change that.
Over the next few months we are asking financial advisors who they feel are Canada's greatest investors ... of all time. 
Three names quickly come to mind: Paul Desmarais, Stephen Jarislowsky and Prem Watsa. But clearly there are many others. Each week we'll ask a single advisor to give us three names (living or dead) they feel are worthy of this recognition. Some might already be in the IIAC Investment Industry Hall of Fame.

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In a year's time we should have the ingredients for an interesting insert in one of our future magazine issues or even a special edition e-book that advisors can give to their clients as a nice keepsake. 
Or, it could turn out that advisors don't really care about this particular subject and we'll just turn tail and abandon the project. Nothing ventured nothing gained. 
We genuinely hope that's not the case. 
Canada's history when it comes to superstar investors isn't nearly as rich as it is south of the border but it's a story that's worth exploring nonetheless. 
Ever heard of the late B.B. Torchinsky?
Well, he was one of western Canada's greatest (and most interesting) investors who started out at a professor of engineering at the University of Saskatchewan. His holding company, Agra Industries, at one time made investments in infrastructure (Highway 407 toll road), all-news radio (CKO network), diamond mines (Diavik) and many other segments of the economy. He was a real risk taker. 
With the financial services industry set to change in Canada due to CRM2, it's only fitting that we examine some of our country’s most successful investors, past and present, who’ve helped shape the investment landscape north of the border.