Strategies to implement effective time management

Investment advisor provides tips on removing distractions and maximising output

Strategies to implement effective time management

Consistent and disciplined time management is critical if an advisor is to provide full value to their clients.

Rosemary Horwood, vice president and investment advisor at Rosemary Horwood Wealth, Richardson GMP Limited will lead an upcoming WP webinar on powerful time management strategies for busy advisors.

The webinar will aim to give you ideas to maximise your time so you can focus on managing and growing your business, including: five powerful management tips; how to balance your time between sales, customer service, compliance and operations; and effective prioritization, task planning and delegation strategies.

Horwood said that failure to manage your time contradicts one of her main philosophies – that because clients are rightfully paying for your time, not prioritising this means you are doing them a disservice. She added that one way of doing this is to remove all distractions.

She said: “Every time you become distracted from a task it’s a lot harder to restart it and more difficult to complete. A distraction could be anything – someone walking into your office, an email coming in that might not be that important but you decide to read it anyway, a text message coming in or something like that. All those things contribute to limited productivity.

“It’s important to perform at your best all the time and to do that you have to limit the distractions in your environment and at a time in the world with notifications popping up everywhere.”

Horwood added that the simple assignment of someone on your team answering your phone for an hour or two can be an immense help and ensure you get a task done for a client.

She said: “It doesn’t mean that I don’t ever answer my own phone. It’s just at certain times where I need to be focused on getting some work done that I need to for my clients.

“It’s far more personal that someone picks up the phone and if there is something urgent that needs to be dealt with, it can be taken care of straight away.”

Ultimately, said Horwood, it all comes down to providing better value.

She said: “Better time management means happier and more engaged clients. It also means less time taken away on low-value tasks.

“The advisors I speak to who have the most number of referrals usually cite something about consistency and to be consistent you also have to be disciplined – those two character traits should be translated over to time management. The reason we need to be effective is to do more for clients so they can be happy.”