Revealed – Canada's Top 50 Wholesalers

Dealmaking champions, these outstanding wholesalers are crucial to the success of the wider industry

Revealed – Canada's Top 50 Wholesalers

A good wholesaler knows how to be of service. Working day in and day out with advisors, the role of a wholesaler has evolved beyond just that of a salesperson. Wholesalers have become partners, product and subject matter experts, sources of crucial support to advisors and their clients. Together, wholesalers and advisors are helping millions of Canadians overcome the challenging circumstances of our current era.

Today WP marks the release of its 2024 Top 50 Wholesalers List. These 50 individuals, chosen from a huge pool of deserving nominees, represent some of the best and brightest in the wholesaling business.

The list was arrived at following an exhaustive search by WP. Advisors across the country were invited to nominate wholesalers, rating them on the following key criteria:

  • product knowledge
  • communication
  • response time
  • accessibility
  • understanding of the advisor’s business
  • ability to educate the advisor
  • value contributed

Following rigorous interrogation of the nomination submissions, the top-scoring and most voted wholesalers were named in the Top 50 list.

Wholesalers can be the unsung heroes of our industry and in naming this list, WP hopes to celebrate the incredible work done behind the scenes to serve the needs of all Canadian clients.

The wholesalers featured on this year’s list are.

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