Ninepoint Partners

Ninepoint Partners launches first liquid-alt fund

Firm's optimized foreign exchange strategy aims for long-term total returns by investing globally in FX futures

Asset manager plans to launch debt fund in June

Toronto firm aims to take advantage of demand for yield and raise about $500 million for new liquid alt

Looking for alternatives

As advisors increasingly turn to alternative investments to reduce risk and generate returns amid market volatility, WPC examines seven of the most popular alternative strategies out there

The day that was

A daily roundup of WP’s top news and analysis

An alternative way to generate returns

With increased interest in alternative products from investors, Ninepoint Partners' co-CEOs talk about why advisors should incorporating them

Canada's safest bet drives one of the hottest ETF trades

Analysis of flows signal appetite for protection

Attack the biggest 'energy geopolitical event in modern history'

Portfolio manager believes value of Canadian supply went up meaningful and that equity valuations will reflect this

What is the cure for ‘complete’ energy sector apathy?

Senior portfolio manager tells WP what a smart investor should be doing right now and where the opportunities lie?

Firms announce high-interest savings offerings

Offered as an alternative to cash, the new products promise safety and liquidity without sacrificing returns

Ninepoint casts its eye on US private-debt markets

The firm has retained two specialist firms to advise on two new strategies for high-net-worth and institutional investors