Regulators celebrate World Whistleblower Day, commend whistleblowers

The ASC, AMF, BCSC, and OSC celebrate World Whistleblower Day, commending whistleblowers for exposing misconduct and protecting investors

Regulators celebrate World Whistleblower Day, commend whistleblowers

The Alberta Securities Commission (ASC), the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF), the B.C. Securities Commission (BCSC), and the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) celebrated World Whistleblower Day on June 23.

They commend whistleblowers for exposing misconduct, illegal practices, and unethical behaviours. These regulatory bodies acknowledge the significant public service whistleblowers provide by revealing securities misconduct that is otherwise difficult to detect.

Stan Magidson, chair and CEO of the ASC and chair of the Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA), expressed gratitude, stating, “We are grateful to the individuals who have exposed misconduct so that it can be investigated and stopped.”

“We work to promote fair and efficient capital markets and protect investors. To that end, we stand for an environment where integrity and accountability are valued, and wrongdoing is not tolerated. On behalf of the CSA and the individual jurisdictions, we thank all whistleblowers for their help to protect Canadians.”

The ASC administers Alberta's securities laws, fostering a fair and efficient capital market and protecting investors. As a CSA member, the ASC aims to improve, coordinate, and harmonize Canada's capital market regulations.

The AMF maintains a dynamic financial sector with integrity and public trust, regulating activities in insurance, securities and derivatives, financial product distribution, deposit institutions, mortgage brokerage, and credit assessment.

The BCSC, an independent provincial government agency, strives to benefit the public through the investment market. It sets rules, monitors compliance, acts against misconduct, and guides investors and industry.

The BCSC commits to maintaining an honest, fair, competitive, and dynamic market for British Columbians.

The OSC protects investors from unfair, improper, or fraudulent practices, fosters fair and efficient capital markets, and enhances financial system stability and reduces systemic risk.

For more information about each jurisdiction's whistleblower program, visit: