Lockdown hit hasn't been as bad as expected survey finds

Previous concerns about finances have eased but most Canadians are expecting continued disruption

Lockdown hit hasn't been as bad as expected survey finds

In March, a survey by Angus Reid Institute found that three in ten Canadians were worried that they would not be able to pay their rent or afford quality groceries due to the economic impact of the COVID-19 crisis.

Two months later, the share of survey respondents that could not pay their rent in April was 13% and just 16% said they had been forced to reduce the quality of their food purchases.

However, it is still early in the journey to economic recovery with 68% of respondents believing that it will be at least six months before life returns to “normal” – more than double the share that said that in March and up from 43% last month.

The survey also reveals that most think the reopening of several aspects of normal life is happening too soon.

Almost three quarters of respondents say it is too soon to reopen elementary schools and gyms; almost two thirds believe places of worship should remain closed for now.

For the vast majority (79%), their primary concern continues to be the risk of illness for friends and family, compared to 59 per cent who say they are worried about their personal risk.