Is it time we stopped always talking about money?

New campaign by Edward Jones makes the case for bigger conversations

Is it time we stopped always talking about money?
Steve Randall

We’re all bombarded with marketing messages and media content so it can be hard for financial advisors and other wealth professionals to cut through the noise.

But for the second-largest independent full-service brokerage in Canada, connecting with potential clients is centred around a key theme which may seem at odds with its core business – ‘money is a thing, but it’s not everything.’

Edward Jones Canada has launched a new multi-media marketing campaign titled ‘We Do Money Differently,’ appearing in the press, broadcast, and online platforms including Spotify and social media.  

“Wealth management is about more than money and assets,” said Mieka Puzniak, head of Marketing, Edward Jones Canada. “We look beyond the accumulation of wealth and traditional definitions of retirement, as those things focus on the end game instead of what is uniquely important to each client along the journey of life. Our financial advisors build personal, trusted relationships with clients to help them achieve their life goals. This philosophy is the essence of our new campaign.”

The new campaign aligns with the trend over the last decade or so for storytelling that resonates with people – content marketing - rather than more blatant promotion.

Life milestones

In this case, the storytelling involves reflecting how a person progresses through life encountering several milestones along the way. While these are often big financial milestones, the campaign aims to acknowledge the role that money plays while also focusing on wellness and other positive aspects of a good life.

Edward Jones Canada - one of Wealth Professional’s 5 Star Brokerages 2023 - engaged creative agency Mass Minority to create the campaign which also includes local marketing resources for its 850 advisors across Canada.

“There has been a shift in priorities for many Canadians,” added Puzniak. “Rather than putting complete focus on saving for retirement, many are interested in finding a balance between wellness and wealth. The campaign's core messages and creative aim to incite Canadians to take a step back and consider what their life’s ambitions are and how money can support those ambitions.”