Investment firm eyes pioneering bitcoin ETF in Canada

The news came after the firm launched ETFs focusing on gender diversity and cybersecurity

Investment firm eyes pioneering bitcoin ETF in Canada
Evolve Funds Group is blazing a trail in Canada's exchange traded funds (ETF) space, cementing its status as a pioneer of alternative ETFs the country has yet to see.

Following the launch of gender diversity and cybersecurity ETFs, both of which are the first of their kind in Canada, Evolve Funds is planning to launch another first, this time tapping the growing interest of investors in the growing market for decentralised currency.

The group filed a preliminary prospectus with regulators to launch bitcoin ETF with the aim of indirectly exposing these wide-eyed investors to the cryptocurrency market.

Evolve president and CEO Raj Lala said the fund is meant to close the gap between the market and most of the investors.

"Accessing Bitcoin is not easy for many – it is a very complicated and expensive process as investors are currently unable to trade them in a regular brokerage account," Lala said, noting that this innovation makes it easier for investors to participate in the growth of the said market.

The ETF will bear the label BITS and will be replicating the performance of CFE Bitcoin (USD) Futures. Both hedged and unhedged units will be made available to investors, with Evolve acting as a manager, trustee and portfolio manager of BITS.

Evolve recently launched HERS and CYBR ETFs. HERS is the first listed ETF in Canada which has a particular focus on workplace inclusion and gender diversity. Meanwhile, CYBR was established to allow investors to fund cybersecurity firms. The launch of CYBR came in the midst of the increasing risks posed by recent data breaches.

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