iA Financial Group to introduce three new funds

Third largest player in country’s segregated fund industry decides to expand its line-up

Three new funds have been added to the IAG Savings and Retirement Plan fund line-up from Industrial Alliance (iA) Insurance and Financial Services.

The three new funds are as follows:

- The Global Diversified (Forstrong) – This fund gives investors access to growth opportunities across all sectors worldwide. It has the advantage of adapting quickly to fluctuations in the economy through its active approach, which is ensured by its senior manager, Tyler Mordy.

Founded in 2001, Forstrong Global Asset Management was the first Canadian management company to provide actively managed diversified global strategies made up of exchange-traded funds. Forstrong is now a recognized leader in global asset management and has been part of iA Financial Group since 2013. It manages over $600 million in assets.

- Canadian Corporate Bond - The Canadian Corporate Bond Fund is a key complement to the fixed income portion of a balanced portfolio. The Fund’s mandate consists in investing primarily in high-quality Canadian corporate bonds (BBB rating and up). These bonds offer a higher yield than government bonds and are generally less sensitive to interest rate movements.

The Canadian Corporate Bond Fund is managed by a dedicated team of six experts at iA Investment Management that focuses on corporate credits and manages over $7 billion in assets at iA Financial Group.

- US Equity – Currency Neutral - The US Equity – Currency Neutral Fund gives investors the opportunity to invest in the US market while minimizing the effect of US-Canadian dollar exchange rate fluctuations, enabling investors to get a similar return to that on the US market.

Exposure to the US market is achieved by investing in the renowned US Equity Fund managed by iA Investment Management’s Pierre Trottier, who has over 20 years’ experience in portfolio management and manages over $1.5 billion in assets.