How the integration challenge has changed for portfolio management

Infinite Investment Systems CEO Ali Zahedi talks about the company's journey in building a reliable system

How the integration challenge has changed for portfolio management

Infinite Investment Systems has been offering technology to Canadian investment managers since its introduction almost 20 years ago. At the time, the company's founders wanted to improve portfolio management, which is based on reliable data and is a key component of wealth managers' value offering.

“We started this company in 2004,” Ali Zahedi, the firm’s co-founder and chief executive officer told Wealth Professional in an interview. “Both myself and my partner had experience in the industry, so we knew that there was a need to build a portfolio management system that was not only comprehensive, but fully integrated as well.”

When the two started the company, the integration problem was comparatively straightforward, as it just revolved around different modules within the portfolio management system. But over the decades, the puzzle has grown more complex: wealth organizations increasingly rely on a variety of systems for account opening, customer intake, compliance, and more, in addition to trading securities and other investments.

“Now, the challenge of integration applies to all the different systems involved in managing wealth,” Zahedi says.

With more data traveling between the front, middle, and back offices than ever before, Infinite Investment Systems upgraded its technology while also implementing stringent compliance and audit procedures.

To help its client companies maximize the value of the quantity of data they possess through AI analysis, reporting functions, and other procedures to serve their end-clients, Infinite Investment Systems is investing in data platforms, data warehousing technologies, and data lakes.

“Our future roadmap focuses greatly on the ability for us to ingest data from many, many different sources, creating unified and powerful data platforms that bring all of that data in, and turn it into meaningful reporting and functionality,” Zahedi says.

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