How the 'extra mile' mindset drives success for 5-Star wholesaler

Chris Bisson emphasizes one key ability that should be at the core of every wholesaling business

How the 'extra mile' mindset drives success for 5-Star wholesaler

With more than 12 years as a wholesaler at Manulife under his belt, Chris Bisson has worked his way up the ladder to become the district vice president for the Barrie, Ontario region.

In addition to fostering the expansion of Manulife's mutual funds, segregated funds, exchange traded funds, and separately managed accounts, his position involves managing and servicing the company's current clientele of advisors.

In an interview with Wealth Professional, Bisson said he has had to adjust to the new pandemic reality by implementing new forms of communication to offer his advisor clients regular and clear support.

“In any profession, we are always faced with challenges and obstacles that we need to overcome,” said Bisson, who is among Wealth Professional’s 5-Star Wholesalers for 2022. “That is why we all need to pivot and adapt to our current environment.”

He said that having simultaneous meetings with advisors in numerous cities has proven to be helpful in many ways because it increases efficiencies. But while Bisson acknowledged the value of engaging with clients on a large scale, he believes that the core of a successful wholesaling firm should be the ability to comprehend the specific challenges faced by each adviser and practice.

“We can help advisors and investors make better financial decisions if we better understand their individual practices,” Bisson says. “It’s about asking the right questions, understanding each advisor’s business and client base, and having the mindset that we need to earn your business.”

While fact sheets, prospectuses, and offering memoranda are all excellent resources for advisors to learn more about goods, he makes sure his value proposition goes far beyond product education. Going the extra mile, and taking the time to appreciate the nuances of each advisor’s practice, has been the key to his success.

“I always lead with the value we provide versus the products we sell,” Bisson he says. “It’s important to ask questions and really understand the advisor’s business, taking a true consultative approach. Trust is everything.”

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