How a search for freedom led to wealth

For Susan Latremoille, wealth management is about creating an abundant life

How a search for freedom led to wealth

Susan Latremoille seems the quintessential wealth manager: smart, professional, precise. Susan Latremoille is the director, wealth management and founder of Latremoille Begg Group at Richardson GMP.

Susan’s success was driven in large part, to her search for the perfect lifestyle.

“I liked the idea of having independence, but I also appreciated the resources of working in a large company. So, what I was casting around for was really an environment that would be the best of both,” she told Wealth Professional Canada.

Her first stop, in 1983, was Merrill Lynch Canada. After a year long training program that taught her about all aspects of the business, she worked in institutional equity sales, where she became the “voice of the investment analyst” for clients, a role she carried out for eight years.

Her next move came after the birth of her son, which necessitated flexible working arrangements. This heralded her move from the institutional to the private client side of the industry, and a 14-year stint at RBC Dominion Securities. She then joined Richardson Partners Financial, which then became Richardson GMP, a firm focused on wealth management for high net worth individuals. Her situation offered Latremoille unique flexibility, including as a mother.

“I built a team over the years. My senior team consists of two other senior women and between the three of us, we have six children. So, we each had two children … and it's worked out where we can help each other cover off,” she said.

Latremoille’s business is to help her clients “fit their financial issues into their lives”. This reflects Latremoille’s values, which see wealth as not only money, but an abundant lifestyle that flourishes at all levels: psychological as well as material. Her book: The Rich Life: Managing Wealth and Purpose has as its core theme: ‘Live well, give back, leave a legacy’.

A qualified Kripalu yoga instructor, Latremoille is also certified in career assessment tool SuccessFinder, which are both “additional ways to help people”, she said, adding that she is “passionate about people finding out who they are and working in a field … that really reflects them”. Her special interest is in offering consultancy for business leaders reaching retirement. She said: “I think that helping people rewire instead of retire is what I’m passionate about at this stage.”