Global ETF train rolls to new record

Assets invested in globally listed ETFs reached a new high in January

Global ETF train rolls to new record
ETF research firm ETFGI has reported a new record as globally listed ETFs reached US$3.689 trillion, edging past the US$3.546 bar reached at the end of December, according to preliminary data from the firm’s January 2017 global ETF and ETP industry insights report.

ETFs listed in the US, Europe, and Canada saw increased asset levels at the end of January, reaching US$2.641 trillion, US$598.76 billion, and US$88.84 billion in assets, respectively. ETFs listed in Asia Pacific ex Japan dipped, going down to US$132.87 billion compared to US$135 billion the month before.

The assets, worth $3.689 trillion for the globally listed ETF space, were spread over 6,670 ETFs, with 12,588 listings from 293 providers on 65 exchanges, spanning 53 countries.

The increase in assets was enabled by net inflows of US$62.13 billion in January, making it the latest in a 36-month streak of net inflows for the space. Equity ETFs performed best, with January inflows of US$46 billion. Fixed-income ETFs were a distant second at US$13.13 billion. Active ETFs were next with US$1.51 billion, followed by commodity ETFs with US$987 million in net inflows.

North American products accounted for nearly half of equity ETF inflows in January with US$20.06 billion. ETFs with exposure to developed Asia Pacific equity indices contributed US$9.63 billion. Global (ex-US) equity ETFs accounted for US$6.16 billion, beating out emerging markets’ US$4.32 billion in inflows. Global equity and European equity ETFs netted $3.13 billion and $3.03 billion, respectively. Only Middle East and African equity ETFs suffered net outflows, losing US$326 million in January overall.

Among ETF providers, the largest inflows in January went to iShares with US$19.19 billion, while Vanguard got US$15.93 billion. Nomura AM managed to secure a third-place spot with US$4.20 billion.

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