Global count of CFP professionals reaches new record

Ten-fold increase marks unprecedented access to financial planning around the world

Global count of CFP professionals reaches new record

The number of CFP professionals globally has topped 213,000, according to Financial Planning Standards Board Ltd., the organization that sets standards for the global financial planning industry and oversees the international certification program outside of the United States.

As of 31 December 2022, there are an estimated 213,002 CFP professionals in the globe, up 9,690 from the previous year. That growth represents an almost 5% increase in the number of CFP professionals globally.

“With global economic uncertainty and the rising costs of living impacting so many, increased access to financial planning advice is of utmost importance to help individuals and families stay on track to reach their goals and achieve financial well-being,” said FPSB CEO Dante De Gori, CFP.

In 2022, the CFP professional population grew most rapidly in the Americas and Asia-Pacific regions.

For CFP specialists, the top six growth markets were China, the U.S., Brazil, Japan, Canada, and Chinese Taipei.

Canada saw an increase of 462 CFP professionals added by FP Canada for a year-end count of 17,259. The largest CFP professional community in the world is found in the United States, where the CFP Board reported an increase of 3,082 CFP professionals for a year-end tally of 95,137. Meanwhile, the People's Republic of China now has 30,182 CFP professionals, making it the second-largest CFP professional community in the world, according to FPSB China.

Brazil added 1,245 more CFP professionals, bringing the total to 8,630 at the end of the year. Japan had a rise of 1,034 CFP professionals, according to the Japan Association for Financial Planners, bringing the total to 25,098 at year's end. Chinese Taipei had a gain of 410 Certified Financial Planners (CFP) professionals, bringing the total to 2,842 at year's conclusion.

Thailand (21.1%), Brazil (16.9%), Chinese Taipei (16.9%), Israel (16.6%), People's Republic of China (12.6%), and Singapore (10.8%) were the six regions with double-digit growth rates in the number of CFP professionals last year.

“Increasing the number of CFP professionals nearly two and a half times globally since FPSB’s creation in 2004 reinforces the value CFP certification holds in the global financial planning profession,” added De Gori.