Five reasons advisors shouldn’t be caught dead wearing an Apple Watch

Available for less than a month the newest trend in wearable technology tells clients all they need to know about an advisor – and it’s not good.

Five reasons advisors shouldn’t be caught dead wearing an Apple Watch
So the Apple watch has been available for less than a month, and that expensive piece of wearable technology may reveal more to clients about you than they need to know – none of it pretty.
Here are five very good reasons for financial advisors to settle for an iPhone, iPad, etc., and to resist the urge to buy an Apple watch.
1. Those gadgets start at about $450 Canadian, so that’s $500 you can’t spend on CRM2 compliance.
2. Like new-model cars, buying a first generation Apple Watch suggests to clients you haven't the insight to know it’s the second generation that usually delivers the most bang for the buck. Insight is a valuable commodity for advisors; a rush to be an early adopter suggests otherwise.
3. You won’t have to answer client questions like, Are my highly confidential personal files stored on that thing?
4. Apple watches are undeniably a fad. Bre-X, anybody?
5. Considering most Canadians have difficulty budgeting or saving, it verges on the hypocritical to be asking clients to live within their means only to get caught with what at this point amounts to an expensive and dubious fashion statement.

Here's a couple bonus ones:
6. It saves you having to grow a beard and a man bun (translation: a Hipster’s samurai hairdo)
7. Research indicates that the average Canadian advisor is 58. Act your age!