Everything you need to know about the private debt space

In partnership with Ninepoint Partners, WP is hosting a webinar that will simplify the private debt market

Everything you need to know about the private debt space

For investors pursuing traditional investment strategies, the current market environment can be best described with one word: challenging. Valuations are bloated, returns are muted and finding opportunities for decent returns is proving increasingly difficult.

As a result, Canadian investors are being forced to look to other investment vehicles to give their portfolios a much-needed boost. Private debt strategies are proving to be a particularly attractive option in the current investment environment.

More investors are looking for new ways to preserve capital, produce income and achieve diversification, and many are turning to private debt in an attempt to escape the low yield, high-priced public and private equity markets.

For advisors who are eager to safeguard their books of business - and increase their opportunity for growth - having a good grasp of the private debt space is crucial.

However, private debt can be complex, and it’s for that reason that Ninepoint Partners will host a free webinar in order to simplify the private debt market and explain the best way for retail investors and advisors to access private debt opportunities

The webinar, on Nov 21, will feature Ramesh Kashyap (Managing Director, Alternative Income Group, Ninepoint Partners), Arif N. Bhalwani (CEO and Managing Director, Third Eye Capital), Wayne Ehgoetz (President and CEO, Waygar Capital Inc.) and Natasha Sharpe (Chief Investment Officer, Bridging Finance Inc.).

The session will be hosted and moderated by Wealth Professional editor Joe Rosengarten and will aim to educate advisors on all things private debt: including where private debt fits in a modern investor’s portfolio, how costs compare to other asset classes, and what represent the best opportunities in private debt.

You can watch a replay of that webinar now.