Canada-listed ETFs edge higher in January

The end-of-January levels of assets invested in ETFs exceeded the end-of-December record by some $5 billion

Canada-listed ETFs edge higher in January
Global ETF research and consultancy firm ETFGI has reported a new record high of US$88.84 billion in assets invested in Canada-listed ETFs at the end of January 2017, surpassing the previous high of US$ 84 billion that capped off December 2016 activity in the space.

ETFs listed in Canada collected US$1.26 billion in net new assets throughout the first month of 2017, marking the fourth consecutive month of inflows for Canada-listed ETFs. The record was orders of magnitude higher than the US$56 million in net inflows that were recorded in January the previous year.

At the end of January, the Canadian ETF industry’s assets were distributed among 463 ETFs with 622 listings, from 19 providers trading on two exchanges.

While the Canadian ETF space is undoubtedly growing, it represents a mere sliver of the worldwide ETF pie. Assets under management garnered by globally listed ETFs reached $3.689 trillion at the end of January; US-listed ETFs gathered US$2.641 trillion, while those listed in Europe and Asia Pacific-ex Japan collected US$598.76 billion and US$132.87 billion, respectively.

Equity ETFs enjoyed the biggest inflows with US$614 million, a $33-million year-on-year improvement over the previous year. Fixed-income ETFs gathered just over half as much with US$353 million – decided less than last year’s inflows of $629 million into the segment. Commodity ETFs got a comparatively measly $10 million.

The largest net ETF inflows went to BMO Asset Management (US$602 million), followed by Vanguard (US$241 million) and RBC Global Asset Management (US$107 million).

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