1 in 3 Canadian workers considering changing jobs

Higher salary is the main reason for the potential switch of employer

1 in 3 Canadian workers considering changing jobs
Steve Randall

One third of Canadian workers are considering leaving their current job, with most in search of a higher salary.

A new report from Robert Half Canada shows that those most likely to pursue new opportunities are 18- to 40-year-olds (46%) and employees who have been with their company for 5-9 years (42%).

Six in ten of those looking for a change cited a salary boost as their reason, followed by 37% seeking greater opportunity for advancement, and 33% wanting to work remotely permanently.

"Companies in Canada continue to face a scarcity of skilled talent," said David King, Canadian senior managing director of Robert Half. "Attracting and hiring candidates is top of mind for many organizations right now as workers explore new job opportunities that offer higher compensation, better perks and benefits, and remote work options."

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Staff retention is one of the big challenges facing firms right now.

"Managers are also taking more measures to help keep valued employees on board, including benchmarking salaries and making adjustments if appropriate, offering schedule flexibility, prioritizing advancement opportunities and implementing meaningful employee recognition programs," added King.