CRA reports 900 Social Insurance Numbers stolen

CRA reports 900 Social Insurance Numbers stolen

CRA reports 900 Social Insurance Numbers stolen

“This may have come out of nowhere, but it’s a good thing for people to recheck their security and make sure they’ve got the added protection in place,” he says “It’s just as much on us to ensure that we are doing everything we can to protect their privacy.”

The four-day shutdown has been nothing short of a headache for Lackhani’s practice as he and his employees scramble to play catch-up on hundreds of client tax returns, even with an extended tax deadline of May 5 granted by the CRA.

“It’s a lot more stress and work for us as we do a ton of returns, well over 1,600 at this time of year,” he says. “Millions of people are going to be trying to get (into the system) at the same time and it’s going to be another hold up.”

Lackhani is taking heed of the security breach, saying that his company has multiple layers of security to protect clients' personal information.

“This issue about security and privacy has been a big thing for us for a long time. We have added a lot more firewalls and we keep on improving that,” he says.

The CRA website was not the only government website affected by Heartbleed. All federal government departments disabled their public websites until security updates had been made. The CRA is now advising Canadians to change their user IDs and passwords to access its online services.

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