Company launches financial services cloud

Company launches financial services cloud

Company launches financial services cloud A new financial services cloud has now been made available which aims to help advisors tackle the needs of a digitally demanding generation of investors.

Salesforce has launched the Salesforce Financial Services Cloud, a product that contains applications relating to data management, prospecting and portfolio management.

According to an official release from the company, wealth management firms are under increased pressure to give advisors the best technology to allow them to engage productively with clients. Now this new program will assist them in a variety of ways, including:

- Building one to one relationships: Advisors will be able to gain panoramic views of their clients with features such as client households and client profiles. There is also a feature called client life goals which gives advisors the opportunity to create collaborative plans based on the goals of the individuals.

- Productivity: Administrative tasks can be automated so that advisors can quickly establish their client tasks and daily agendas. Real-time analytics will also be included so that advisors can take a look at data without needing to turn to business books.

- Client engagement: The platform boasts both social and mobile capabilities and allows collaborations with advisory teams anywhere in the world. So there is no need to wait for quarterly meetings and other special events to make connections with investors – information can be shared as and when needed.

In addition, the cloud will include help with a number of daily tasks, such as: the implementation of services, data aggregation, account aggregation, document management, portfolio management, portfolio rebalancing, prospecting and both security and compliance.

In the official Salesforce release, Simon Mulcahy, the GM of financial services for the company, commented that many advisor solutions were formed decades ago and that today there is a great need to offer something with more of a digital focus.

“We’re not only building tools that advisors need for this new world, but we’re also joining forces with best-in-class partners to deliver a next-generation solution that takes advantage of modern, cloud technology,” he said. “This will help advisors transform the way they serve clients.”