BMO Investments announces fund changes

BMO Investments announces fund changes

BMO Investments announces fund changes BMO Investments has announced across-the-board fee reductions for its ETF and mutual fund lineups, as well as the launch of two new fund series.

“We constantly review our product shelf to find cost efficiencies to pass through to our clients,” said Kevin Gopaul, chief investment officer and head at BMO Global Asset Management Canada. “Management fees on our F Series funds will now be – on average – 25% lower than others in the category [based on Morningstar data], allowing us to deliver even greater value for investors.”

On Feb. 1, BMO Investments cut the management fees on 26 funds and their associated series by up to 25 basis points. On the same date, the firm also decreased the administration fee for BMO Canadian Equity Class and BMO Dividend Class from 27 to 16 basis points and from 22 to 13 basis points, respectively. Certain series of selected funds, including the BMO Mortgage and Short-Term Income Fund, BMO World Bond Fund, and BMO Short-Term Income Class, also underwent service fee or trailing commission reductions.

The firm also expects to qualify for distribution of series F2 securities of two of its ETF funds, the BMO Balanced ETF Portfolio and BMO Balanced ETF Portfolio Class. It also expects to be authorized to distribute series F (hedged) securities for the BMO Tactical Global Bond ETF Fund.

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