• Advisors sidestep RRIF pitfall

    A decrease in the RRIF withdrawal rate may tempt advisors to show off their investment prowess at the expense of the most vulnerable investors in the marketplace.

  • Clients fight to keep embedded commissions

    The industry may have grossly underestimated the challenge of converting embedded-commission clients over to fees, says one advisor who’s tried and has the war stories to prove it.

  • Advisor facing forgery charges from IIROC

    An IIROC penalty panel must now consider what punishment an advisor faces for forging a client’s signature – despite getting approval at a later date.

  • What’s the deal with smart beta?

    A major announcement from two large financial institutions is forcing advisors to reconsider a product many dismiss as a fad.

  • Call to change the fee-based model

    Advisors moving over to the fee-based model should forget the critics and offer a service long abandoned by established players, says an industry vet.

  • Athlete stocks strike big

    And you doubted it would work. Investors with the vision to take part in IPOs of pro athletes are now looking at early returns of 15 per cent and climbing.

  • Advisor’s $20m gamble pays dividends

    An advisor who counselled clients against risk-taking is now facing fraud charges for a $20-million risk of his own – allegedly funded by clients.

  • RESP caper back in court

    The former hospital employee who allegedly passed patient information on to RESP providers will appear in court this morning, with advisors hoping to finally learn the names of the dealers involved.

  • B.C. also dealing with subject of SEC case

    The SEC may be building a case against him, but the Law Society of B.C. has already arrived at a key finding involving the controversial attorney.

  • Flashy investment hits the skids

    The closure of another retail fund by a private equity firm highlights the challenge of instilling confidence in those sexy investments.