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  • Advisors help protect clients from CRA review

    Clients facing a CRA review often look to lay blame somewhere – but advisors using the right kind of software rarely have anything to worry about, says one tax expert.

  • Embedded commission guys read writing on the wall

    There’s growing indication that even dyed-in-the-wool embedded commission guys are actively bringing fee-based accounts into their books, according to new data that charts the growth of that compensation in the run up to CRM2 implementation.

  • Sponsors for Wealth Professional Awards extol advisors

    With two days left until the nomination process closes, advisors still have time to chime in. In the meantime we’re delighted to announce some of the sponsors for WP’s June 5 extravaganza.

  • ORPP not sitting well with advisors

    Opponents of the Ontario Registered Pension Plan say that it’s just a blanket approach, and one advisor piled on, saying the plan will her hurt small to medium business owner-clients and could cost jobs and force hiring delays.

  • The quest for yield carries the day

    WP was lucky enough to be in the same room as Dr. Woody Brock last week when the famed economist spoke to a small group of invited guests about the investor’s valiant search for yield; it’s not going to be an easy one.

  • Advisors caught up in insider trading allegations

    Several advisors are now in hot water for acting on a tip from a securities lawyer -- a move that runs afoul of the OSC.

  • Advisors feel the sting of oil declines

    A Yale professor is outlining which advisors will be most hurt by falling oil prices.

  • Advisor's 'heretical' strategy proven right

    One advisor in Alberta who sold his clients’ stakes in energy is patting himself on the back, following a report from the Conference Board of Canada which said there will be no quick rebound for oil.

  • Advisor payrolls balloon

    In a sign of things to come, advisors are having to beef up their support staff numbers an effort to better manage customer relations, according to a new report. But who pays the tab?

  • Quebec independent advisors lead charge against CRM2

    New financial regulations are rarely introduced without some customary eye-rolling by industry associations. However, the reaction of Quebec’s leading association of independent advisors might be setting a new standard for industry backlash.