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  • China -- not Greece -- threatens Canada

    Advisors may have it all wrong: An expert is pointing to why China threatens Canadian securities more than Greece ever could.

  • Mutual fund line-up gets a shake-up

    One investment company is looking to merge its funds, following the recent changes to the fundamental investment objectives of two of its mutual funds.

  • OBSI move changes little

    One industry veteran may have ferreted out why dealers balk at compensating clients even for the relatively small amounts clogging up OBSI files.

  • Advisors: China got you worried?

    Monday’s decline on the TSX is exposing just how much more exposed to the effects of both Greece and China Canadian investors are than their counterparts in the US.

  • Smart beta ETFs ready to take off: report

    Institutional money managers have increasingly looking to exchange-traded funds to take advantage of their liquidity, transparency and ease of implementation – and one recent report shows that trend is only the beginning.

  • The power of testimonials: I’ll have what she’s having

    In terms of our own businesses, testimonials are social proof that someone other than us (or our mothers) think that what we sell is pretty good. But do they really work?

  • What a no-vote means for the EU

    Now that Greece overwhelmingly has voted ‘no’ in its referendum, the EU begins to ponder what life will be like without the island nation.

  • Canadian advisors react to Greek vote

    Advisor are already weighing in on the implications of Greece’s referendum vote Sunday.

  • New program offers more flexibility for advisors

    In a bid to keep clients happy, one of the bigger fund companies in Canada is lowering some of its fees while also bringing out some new products focused on a growing segment in an increasingly popular compensation model.

  • LGBT equality nothing new for this company

    While many are still basking in the afterglow of the landmark decision by the U.S. Supreme Court on gay marriage and the recent Gay Pride festivities in Toronto, Ont., one company has prided itself for several years as being at the forefront of promoting LGBT equality in the workplace.