Understanding the realities of a portfolio manager's job

Members of Croesus' UX Research team explain the value of hands-on research, as well as the importance of understanding how a portfolio manager’s whole team uses their product

Understanding the realities of a portfolio manager's job

At Croesus, the goal is to provide the best portfolio management products possible for advisors and their clients, which means a rigorous testing policy for the UX Research team.

“Our team understands the realities of portfolio managers and we are on a mission to find new ways to help them,” said UX Research Analyst Robert Bouchard.

Croesus business analyst Rachel Marcotte explained some of the user tests they perform are with a team centered around portfolio managers, showing the research team how portfolio managers interact with the product as well as with each other, and the different ways each member of the team uses the product.

“We have the entire team in front of us, and we are able to see the interaction between them, how they work, and the give-and-take during whatever task they are doing,” she explained. “How information flows between users is really informative to us.”

This means the Croesus team can help give better feedback on the product to the developers because they better understand what the advisors were doing, and how they were doing it.

Croesus products are designed for portfolio management teams, and by being able to watch and study how the teams using their products operate, they can iterate, make the prototype evolve and design the final product in an efficient manner.

“We’re the legs that go in the background and do a lot of the digging and a lot of the work to be able to bring the best experience to Croesus users,” she said.

Bouchard explained the team is currently working away on the new Croesus interface, which he said will help advisors have an easier time navigating on the platform.

To find out more about Croesus and the work they are doing, visit their website at croesus.com