Sustainalytics unlocks trove of ESG ratings and data

Information on more than 4,000 companies now publicly available online

Sustainalytics unlocks trove of ESG ratings and data

Global ESG research provider Sustainalytics is taking a significant step forward in democratizing access to ESG data.

The firm has announced that its high-level ESG Risk Ratings on more than 4,000 public companies are now publicly available on its website.

The ratings are measured through a combination of the concepts of management and exposure, generating an overall quantitative rating that’s expressed across a risk spectrum of severe, high, medium, low, or negligible. As an absolute measure for assessing a company’s ESG risk, Sustainalytics’ Risk Ratings offer a way to compare companies across different industries.

“Sustainalytics has long been committed to transparency," Cheryl Gustitus, Executive Vice President of Marketing at Sustainalytics, said in a statement. “We have always appreciated the fact that access to information results in greater understanding and more informed decision-making by all stakeholders.”

The enhanced access to that data is expected to provide greater visibility into material ESG risks within companies. It also addresses the rapidly accelerating interest in ESG investing among all financial-market stakeholders, from institutional asset managers and pension-plan sponsors to wealth advisors and retail investors.

Sustainalytics also anticipates that company representatives – including investor relations officers, corporate responsibility officers, and other executives – will gain an improved understanding of how their own companies and industry peers stand from an ESG perspective.

“By making our industry-leading ESG Risk Ratings available to all interested stakeholders in a simplified online format, we can help to bring clarity and comparability of ESG considerations to audiences across the investment ecosystem,” Gustatis said.


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