Worldsource renews partnership with Coast Capital

Decade-long extension to 14-year partnership will focus on solutions and services to align with investors' values and goals

Worldsource renews partnership with Coast Capital

Worldsource Wealth Management, a division of Guardian Capital Group Limited, has extended its 14-year partnership with Coast Capital.

Through new activities with IDC Worldsource Insurance Network and Guardian Capital LP's Canadian Retail Asset Management division, the 10-year extension will bring an expansion of Coast Capital's collaboration with Guardian.

“Both Worldsource and Coast Capital believe the future of wealth management will be focused on services and solutions that better align with investors’ values and goals,” said Doce Tomic, president and chairman, Worldsource.

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“Along with that value-alignment, Canadians depend on trusted partner who can help them streamline and simplify the wealth journey in a complex environment. The extension of our long-standing partnership positions both to help members achieve these goals together.”

The collaboration between the two institutions has produced a number of innovations over the years, including the introduction of Coast Capital's Sustainable Funds family in January this year.

These funds, created by Worldsource's parent firm Guardian, offer simple investment options centered in encouraging Coast Capital members to invest in a better world as part of Coast Capital's efforts to improve sustainable investing.

Each sustainable fund has a strong emphasis on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations, enabling consumers to engage in ethical investing while taking advantage of Guardian's decades of experience as a pioneer in institutional asset management.

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Catherine Wood, Coast Capital’s chief strategy, product and marketing officer, said, “As part of that commitment, we strive to leverage our relationships with partners to come together as one unified team, connected by both common purpose and a shared responsibility for outcomes. Working with trusted partners, like Worldsource, enables us to drive creative solutions that bring value to all of our stakeholders.”

As a result of this long-term partnership, Coast Capital can provide its members customized wealth management solutions by utilizing the open dealer platform of Worldsource.

This ultimately enables Coast Capital to provide a unique experience built on a solid foundation of trustworthy advice that has a genuine impact on helping its members attain their financial goals.